Colonial Knob

Today, I walked up a mountain.

Ok, so it’s not really a mountain, it’s just a big hill.

This started with a wee bit of a bet. “Bet you can’t do it as fast as I did last weekend!” Challenge accepted. And failed. But that’s ok.

Colonial Knob Sign

We set off at just after 8am. We didn’t want to leave it too late because it was going to be a hot day, but I really couldn’t bare getting up any earlier on a Saturday.

Colonial Knob from the road

Colonial Knob from the road

This is the view from the road. You can’t even see the peak.

Colonial Knob Sign

The trail is steep (we did the B trail) for about the first 1/2 to 3/4 of the walk. There’s not a lot of shade once you get past about 1km into it.



The steepness and never ending turns – and of course, the fact that the summit was hidden – meant it was pretty tiring walking up. It was hot and sweaty, and there was no breeze at all. By about 8.30am, it was over 20deg, and was definitely hard work!

Some of the path was pretty slippery with all the loose rock, and you had to pay attention to where you were walking or you would fall in ditches.

Most of the path looked like this - loose rock, ditches

This was not the summit.

Not the top

Neither was this:

Also not the top

I saw a helicopter with a monsoon bucket though – I couldn’t  see where it was going, but I wonder what was on fire?

There were two gates like this with open gates, and also tiny stairs to climb over the fence. I, of course, climbed up and down the stairs for both of them.


I’ve never seen so many beautifully coloured butterflies before. There were lots of different orange ones. Butterfly 1Butterfly 2

I also found this caterpillar on the track and rescued it.


About 30min from the summit, I found this goat track which, if I clambered up would save me at LEAST 30 seconds of walking on a normal path. Naturally, I took that option. I also almost slipped to my death, but 30 seconds is 30 seconds, right?

Not part of the path

Here’s the summit!

I can see the top!

The second gate

Another gate

The summit gets closer and closer!

The top

Now, lets talk about the douchiest thing ever. THIS freaking hill. I’ve just clambered 4.5km up a mountain. This part was really really steep. It probably should have been stairs. I complained so much up this bit.

This is pretty much the rudest way to end a 4.5km uphill climb

The view though. It was so worth it. You could see right up the coast, right down the coast. You could see the Makara windfarm!

Macara wind farm

The view was 100% worth it (you can click on these and make them bigger. I think).The view 2The view

The view

Here are some pics from the way back down.

Coming back downOn the way downCows

The walk back down was a LOT quicker, and was a pretty easy walk. You still had to pay attention to your footing, but it was lots quicker.

Here’s the MapMyRun map of the walk. Sadly, I was over a km up when I pressed start. And I was home when I pressed stop. Oops. So I’ve just cut out the bit that goes to my house. And you can just pretend that the map is 9km long.


It took us about 2.5 hours, but we stopped for around 20-25min at the top, and quite a bit along the ridgeline to take pics on the way up. Definitely do-able in under 2 hours if you don’t stop much.

Anyway, I highly recommend doing this walk. It’s definitely do-able for anyone who can walk a couple of km, and the view is totally worth it.

There are no toilets, and nowhere to fill a drink bottle, so pee before you go and take a full water bottle. Most of the track has cellphone service, but there are a few bits that don’t. I would definitely sunscreen and be a bit careful about the weather because I imagine that the top can get quite exposed. And without a doubt, take a camera!

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