Zombies 5k, the first two weeks

I’m now starting the third week of Zombies 5k, and I’m also 4 weeks out from AMI Round the Bays, so I thought I’d give you an update on how things are going. I’m also comparing the Zombies 5k program to the C25K program.

Remember, you can check out my training diary to keep tabs on how I’m going.

The structure of Zombies 5k has been pretty great so far. Each week you do the same workout 3 times, then you move on to the next week. If I had more time before the event I want to do, I would probably do 4 workouts each ‘week’, just repeating one of them. Instead, I’m aiming for 5 runs a week, so I get through 3 ‘weeks’ in 2 actual real time weeks.

Week One

Week 1 was nice and simple – much easier than the C25K program which had you running 45 seconds at a time at week 1. In Zombies 5k, you start with a 10 min walk, walk 1 min, run 15sec, repeat 10 times, then you finish with a 10minute freeform run, where you can walk, run or do a combination of the two.

Zombies vs C25k

Zombies vs C25k

I found week one really simple, which was a nice way of getting back into running. While the workout was the same three times in a row, the voice prompts were different and they helped keep my interest up.

Week Two

Week 2 consisted of a 10 min walk to warm up, run 30 sec, do 5 heel lifts, walk 1.5 min, repeat 5 times, then finish with a 10 minute freeform run.

Zombies vs C25K

Zombies vs C25K

Personally I skipped the heel lifts – I like to keep my forward momentum going and that would have been quite frustrating for me.

You’ll notice that in week 1 and 2, you’re running for the same total amount of time, just in longer spurts. I thought it was quite a good way to do it, and most people would probably feel comfortable running for at least some of their 10min freeform run at the end.

During week 2 I started experiencing some pretty major cramp in my calf – enough to make me cut 2 workouts short. I only experienced the cramp when I was walking – while running, I felt fine. On my W2D3 run, I found it was less bad, so have had a rest day then will be back starting with W3D1 today.

Which brings me to week three

This week seems like a pretty major step up. The program is 5min warm up walk, 5min freeform run, *1min run, 1min walk, 10 knee lifts* (repeat 5 times), 8min freeform run, 2min stretching, 8min freeform run.

Zombies vs C25K

Zombies vs C25K

I suppose if you walked the freeform runs, it wouldn’t be so bad, but I imagine I’ll run them, or at least the first 5 minutes. Even if you just walked the freeform runs, you’re doubling the running you’re doing which seems like a big jump. I guess we’ll find out.

Also, I’m really not a fan of these knee lifts, heel lifts and stretching within my workout. It breaks my flow, and the only thing I’ve got going out there when it’s 25 degrees and so humid it’s like running in soup is flow.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the end of week 3 brings, and to see how I go today, especially with cramp. I am finding this a lot easier than I found C25K in terms of breathing – I found the first time I started running, I found it impossible to catch my breath, whereas now, my biggest issue is cramp when I stop and walk.

I’m a bit worried about the cramp, and also a bit concerned that I seem to get numb toes in the same foot when I run. This makes me feel like there’s a shoe issue I need to sort out. While the idea of shopping for new shoes thrills me, I’m not excited about the prospect of breaking them in.

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